An unique method of acupuncture without physical needles

Discover the healing effect of Mingjue acupuncture


Mingjue is a unique method of acupuncture that is performed without physical needles. Learn more about the healing powers of Mingjue and improve your awareness.

Mingjue – Awakened consciousness
for healing and consciousness development


Shen Zhen (神针) is also called Yi Zhen (意针). Shen and Yi mean “consciousness”.

Mingjue is the awakened consciousness, and because our acupuncture is performed in the Mingjue state, we call it Mingjue Shen Acupuncture (明觉神针). This method is used to heal others, but also to improve the healer’s awakened consciousness.

This type of acupuncture is done through paranormal abilities, therefore no physical needle is required and it is also distance effective. We use consciousness and information to gather the Qi of the universe and form needles to perform the acupuncture.

Good training is also necessary for this form of acupuncture to be effective. The course consists of three parts: Basic theory, basic gongfu training and application.

Introductory Sessions
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Discover the transformative power of Mingjue Shen Zhen acupuncture.



  • Mingjue Shen Zhen Acupuncture utilizes awakened consciousness for healing and personal growth
  • The practice empowers healers to cultivate awakened Mingjue consciousness to increase their effectiveness
  • It goes beyond traditional methods by utilizing paranormal abilities and concentrating the universal Qi in needles
  • The comprehensive training includes theoretical foundations, basic gongfu and practical applications
  • The training enhances the ability of acupuncturists to collect Qi and transmit information effectively
  • The practice cultivates mingjue awareness and enriches personal and professional life.
  • Ultimately, Mingjue Shen Zhen acupuncture offers a holistic approach to healing and transformation



The content is taught in two modules in three parts.

Module 1 (March 16 to 21): theoretical foundations and basic gongfu training

Module 2 (May 18 to 23): Application combined with theory and gongfu training

Basic theory

  • Three levels of matter: information, energy and substance
  • Unity and Hunhua
  • Consciousness mobilizes Qi
  • The information in consciousness can change the existing information and thus also the existing energy and the body
  • The theory of the causes of disease in Qi and blood
  • The theory of channels, energy points and important Qi centers
  • Mingjue; Mingjue love, Mingjue mantra
  • About acupuncture and mingjue acupuncture
  • Healing with acupuncture

Gongfu basic training

  • Exercises such as Tian Ren He Yi and relaxation
  • Mingjue and mingjue love: the inner foundation of acupuncture
  • Experiencing Qi and collecting Qi of the universe
  • Experiencing the Qi of the channels and energy points
  • Visualization of Qi needle or Qi sword (love needle, respect needle, gratitude needle, trust needle)
  • Information and transformation
  • Creating a mingjue field of consciousness, information field and qi field
  • Strengthening true willpower and trust

Practical applications

  • Use of various needles and tools: Qi needle, Qi sword needle, Mingjue needles, Mingjue love light needle
  • The Mingjue information needle: Mingjue becomes one with the needle, Mingjue field of consciousness and the needle become one,
  • Universe, Mingjue and the needle become one
    Selecting suitable energy points for various complaints
  • Turning the needle and sending the information to initiate transformation
  • The Mingjue needle collects universal energy
  • The Mingjue needle can open and close
  • Bu Zhen 布阵: Hunyuan needle, Yin Yang needle, Tian Di Ren needle, four forms needle, five elements needle, Bagua needle
  • Fly needle, one light needle and many light needles; use the needle to gather Dao: the needle becomes one with the Dao
  • Practice Mingjue Shen acupuncture healing



  • Health professionals and Energy-Oi-workers: acupuncturists, energy therapists and holistic practitioners who want to improve their healing skills
  • Zhineng Qigong and Mingjue practitioners: People who are already practicing Mingjue or other forms of awakened consciousness and would like to integrate acupuncture into their practice
    People who want to deepen their energy work skills or open up to new levels of healing and consciousness
  • Qigong practitioners: Individuals who are already familiar with energy practices and want to expand their skills and deepen their understanding
  • Health enthusiasts: people who care about well-being and want to explore alternative healing methods for their personal growth. People who want to actively improve their health and well-being and are looking for effective and transformative methods
  • Supportive family members: people who want to support friends or family members on their healing journey and gain valuable knowledge and skills in the process
  • Everyone who would like to take the course

Join our world consciousness community and continuously improve your skills.



March 16-21 and May 18-23, 2024

Our livestream online sessions will take place twice a day via Zoom to accommodate our global community:

At 9-11am and at 8-10pm Beijing time.

Click here to check the times and convert them to your time zone.

You can choose the time that works best for you or attend both sessions. The general content is the same, but since Teacher Wei teaches from a pure state of consciousness, the sessions are different.



The 12-day livestream online course with teacher Wei Qifeng will be translated into German and costs:

400 USD (including recordings and certificate: You will receive a certificate of learning and participation in the form of a printable PDF file after the course.

320 USD – ONLY recordings

240 USD – for Mingjue Course 2023-24 students (to receive the payment link for the reduced payment for this generous offer from Teacher Wei, contact mingjueorganization@gmail.com)



Thank you so much. I can hardly say how miraculously my life is changing, even if slowly, just changing my reference framework and doing qigong daily (I do levels one and 2 and standing mingjue) is really changing me.
Thank you infinitely!!!!

At the age of 18 I had thyroid surgery and the thyroid was completely removed. I have been taking a large dose of Thyroid Hormones for about 20 years. Every 6 months, I have to take blood tests to control the dose of the hormones. One week , I took the blood test and for the first time my Doctor, who has known me for a long time, told me “you must be doing something wonderful for yourself and for others, you must be loving yourself and others consciously, because your thyroid is working and you don’t need to take the dose that you have been taking”. I am going to lower the dose little by little and we are going to observe, keep doing what you are doing.

First of all thank you from the bottom of my heart, for teaching me to find myself and to come Home… never a practice had given me so much. Clarity in concepts, clarity in what happens in me, when reference frameworks arrives; the relationship with external life from me, and how to return to my power.

I am so impressed with what Teacher Wei and the World Consciousness Community have accomplished with this retreat. I look forward to learning and practicing more. Thank you from my heart.